Advanced Analytics

advanced analytics


Eagle Tech’s customized reports dig further into activity inside a location.  Our analysis is tailored to each request and we pull from any desired sample size and compare across locations or events if applicable.  Past reports we have created for clients revealed insights into time spent in the store, employee interactions and effect of interactions, customer demographics and group sizes, conversion rates, and more.  Maximizing our state of the art technologies, our qualified personnel provide reports in a time efficient manner

Reporting Benefits

  • Trends Over Time – measure people counts, crowd size, and activity levels over time and against average levels; all instantly accessible in user-friendly dashboards
  • Actionable data for decision making
  • Report on any metric or objective
  • Fully scalable to study any number of locations for any amount of time
  • Ability to go back and analyze past video
  • Analyze the same amount of data in 1/10th the time
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