Eagle Installation Capabilities


Eagle Tech makes sure that all hardware, installation, and service issues are handled for you.  With over 15 years of experience with large and small implementations of CCTV, electrical, and security systems, Eagle guarantees that there will be no back-and-forth with different contacts or need to constantly replace equipment.


  • Eagle has over 15 years of experience in large-scale implementations of CCTV, electrical, and security systems.  Today, Eagle serves nearly 12,000 locations across 49 US states, Canada, and South America.
  • Our extensive network of installation and maintenance professionals ensures your video analytics system is implemented correctly and on-time.
  • Eagle gives businesses the unprecedented advantage to be extremely flexible in not only what data is collected, but where data is collected.  Since Eagle’s solutions can be applied to any new or existing video infrastructure, any location can be fully up and running very quickly.

Systems Health & Management

  • Eagle believes in lessening the burden of expensive maintenance or installations whenever possible for our customers.  In addition to our low-cost, long-life solutions and appliances, Eagle offers comprehensive systems health monitoring and management.

With over 15 years experience in system implementations and management, Eagle can save your organization thousands by identifying system issues and determining the best route of action before it becomes more serious.

Do you have an issue with your existing video infrastructure, or business problem that you would like to have explored further? Tell Us.