Remote Store Management

store management

At Eagle Systems, we believe in a new way to manage your business on a day-to-day basis.  One that utilizes the best technologies to let you view your locations remotely, analyze trends over time, and share findings quickly and easily.

We have created an intuitive solution that will revolutionize the way your stores are managed and transform video surveillance into a powerful business tool.  And, most importantly, we made this solution financially feasible and easily scalable.

The easy to use Eagle Appliance easily connects with any new or existing camera system, and is quickly accessible on any internet capable device- smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops.


Solution Features

  • Instant Remote Access – view any site from anywhere, anytime (current and historical), on any device
  • Real-time and historical data – view stores live and analyze trends over time with stored data option
  • Enhanced Views – crystal clear imagery
  • Detailed Views –automatically zoom in on areas of activity and captured details missed by camera alone
  • Heatmapping – visually gauge the level of customer and product activity
  • Image Sharing – share findings with colleagues, and post beautiful images to social media and website
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