By Business Line

Marketing– Eagle provides innovative ways to accurately measure ROI.  Track marketing campaigns against actual store activity, measure consumer relative preference, and more.

Merchandising Eagle gives you the key to optimizing product layout.  Measure traffic flows and activity levels to identify opportunities for product layout and measure display effectiveness.

General Management – Instantly tap into any location with the click of a button.  Whether your organization has 1 location, or 100,000, Eagle provides the tool you need to remotely access locations and identify key trends.

Operations – Ensure best practices throughout your organization.  Eagle allows the visual evidence you need to identify inefficiencies, measure employee performance, and a/b test solutions.

Loss Prevention – No more hours of watching endless hours of video.  Empower you your loss prevention personnel with remote access, views that automatically zoom in on areas of activity, and fast image sharing during incidents.

IT –Eagle solutions are designed to work easily within your existing network.  Our cloud based technologies significantly reduce the impact of video on network bandwidth.

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