Analytics Solutions


Entry and Exit Counting

Using modern automated counting technologies to provide hourly counts, we reveal insights and trends into how people coming into and leaving your store.

Pass-by Traffic Counting

Using versatile counting technologies, our solutions extend beyond the four walls.  Rate-of-entry metrics can reveal how customers are responding to changes in storefront presentation.  Recognizing trends in shopper traffic and their entry behavior is a fundamental advantage towards bringing shoppers into your store.

Store Demographics

Do you know your typical shopper demographics? Optimize how you market your store to shoppers with report breakdowns by gender, age group, and group size to boost sales.

Store Population

Do you have enough staff to take on the traffic coming into your store?  Do you know how conversion changes throughout each day and week? Understanding how your store population changes over time can give you the edge you need to drive sales.



Employee Engagement

The engagement procedure of your employees is one of the most important metrics to study.  Its effect on sales is astounding, and as a result, managing its practice within the four walls is critical.

Compliance and Quality Control

Save time and money with the ability to manage your stores remotely.  With private and remote dashboard tools, you can ensure your stores are closing and opening on time, deliveries are on schedule, displays are setup correctly, and much more.

Queue Analysis

How shoppers queue within your store is an integral part of the shopper experience.  Eagle helps you understand queues in order to avoid bottlenecks due to long wait times in checkout and other queueing areas.  In addition to standard metrics like wait times and queue length, we provide queue abandonment rates to highlight sources of lost sales opportunities.



Understanding Point-of-Sale activity is critical for determining when your business is doing something right and where it could take advantage of new opportunities.  Analyzing the POS during marketing campaigns, and segmenting group size, age group, and basket size are invaluable tools in measuring and increasing your stores sales.

Conversion Rates

Your stores conversion rate is one of the most telling indicators of your effectiveness in selling to your customers.  Understanding how conversion rate changes throughout the day, by demographic, or by any A/B testing segmentation will drastically improve your sales strategy.  If you can convert more shoppers into purchasers, you will increase your sales.

Time Analysis

How long are shoppers in your store? How long does it take to make a purchase?  Having the answers to these questions can make help your store staff become more accessible and responsive to the demand of your customer, improving the overall quality of the experience.



By evaluating how your customers experience your store, we provide feedback to help you reduce negative experience, reproduce positive ones, and increase the overall sales of your store.

Store Layout

The layout of a store is an important aspect of customer experience.  Determining product placement and finding a balance between floor product and open space is key.  We can help you create a store layout that improves shopper traffic and increases conversion rate.

Promotional Study

Studying the effect of a particular promotion or marketing campaign by gathering information before, during, and after the event, we can help you take your promotions to the next level.

Predictive Behavior

Gaining a better understanding of your customers and their shopping behaviors can help you better accommodate your customer’s needs.  Eagle finds trends in shopper behaviors that can help predict future customer behavior.