By Industry

Grocery – Ensure a positive shopping experience with unbeatable management tools and advanced analytics.  See directly into any location to ensure best practices and track key metrics.

C-Store – Utilize your existing cctv infrastructure for more than just security.  See store performance in real-time or analyze historical data to adjust staffing levels, reduce wait time, and monitor inventory.

Retail– Gain unprecedented access into your locations.  Instantly tap into any location to ensure best practices, understand the shopping experience, and share findings with colleagues.

CPG – Understand how your brand is performing at the in-store level.  See who is interacting with and purchasing your brand in-stores, and measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and displays.

Malls– Ensure positive shopper experiences, and better understand customer movement.  Understand who is shopping, where they are shopping, and what they interact with.

Sports/Arena Management – Ensure a positive fan experience throughout any event.  Our customizable and fully flexible implementations allow us to create a powerful solution in nearly any environment.

Restaurants/Bars – Understand the connections between staffing levels, crowd levels, promotions, demographics, and the effects they have on business performance.

Education– Allow first responders instant remote views into schools throughout emergency situations.

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